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Obviously, there’s stuff that tech and AI can do that humans just can’t. So, we’ve embraced the best of both, allowing us to scour the whole of today’s dynamic business landscape (an unimaginable amount of information) every second. From this, we can assimilate a deep understanding of trends and changes happening within organisations in your industry, sending tailored growth and risk insight alerts to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and you stay ahead of the competition.

Make intuitive decisions on what’s right for your business. Create meaningful connections and confidently navigate conversations with potential buyers and existing clients to strengthen your growth strategy and market position.

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Specialist UK Intelligence:

We are the leading UK specialist in sales intelligence, thanks to our granular data.

Strategic Monitoring:

Track strategic and structural changes, financials, product info, and news updates to adjust your approach and engage in strategic conversations.

Real-Time Notifications:

Stay up to date effortlessly as we deliver live updates, helping you make quick, informed decisions.

Keyword Recognition:

Monitor crucial keywords with automatic categorisation and prioritisation so you can focus on what matters most.

Personalised Newsfeed:

Get a customised newsfeed tailored to your needs, including clients groups, prospects, competitors, and industry.

Automatic Prioritisation:

We’ll automatically prioritise critical insights so you can act swiftly on key information.

Team Collaboration:

Oversee and enhance teamwork with shared insights and role-specific access.

Advanced Analysis:

Our enhanced metrics and AI summaries make it easy for you to understand your business landscape, with direct link access to detailed reports.

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you need it to be.

Zint Grow is tailored to you. It delivers insights not just on your industry and clients’ organisations, but also on those of their subsidiaries and parent companies, and even your competitors, by continuously monitoring anything and everything that might impact you.

AI-Powered Analysis:

Using sophisticated algorithms, our platform gathers and combines data from extensive sources – including previously inaccessible ones like details within paper copies of online filed documents. AI then analyses and summarises this information, before delivering it to you, ensuring that you receive precise, actionable insights on anything happening, so you know exactly when to act.

Timely Alert Notifications:

Time is more limited and timing more critical than ever, especially in business development. Our platform sends you alerts on a need-to-know basis, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve. Say goodbye to wasted time manually searching for information – with Zint Grow, the insights you need are delivered to you in real-time.

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