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Get the Inside Scoop On Your Client's Strategy

Zint Grow analyses billions of data points from a wealth of authoritative sources including those from previously inaccessible sources such as the paper copies of filed documents at Companies House.


These insights are collected, combined and analysed by AI to not only deliver you an inside view on your client’s strategy, but ensure you are one of the first to know!

Surface More Upsell & Cross-sell Opportunities

Zint Grow is configured to alert you whenever a scenario arises that could offer an opportunity to grow revenue from an existing customer. These are generated in real-time from the most authoritative sources and so you’ll always have first-mover advantage.


Alerts are categorised into groups tailored for each product or service so you know exactly which product to pitch and when.

Mitigate Risks Rapidly

Risks to client relationships are inevitable. How quickly and effectively you respond to risks is in your hands. Too often however, risks go unnoticed until it’s too late.


Zint Grow tracks hidden data on companies such as reports filed at Companies House, so you’ll know as soon as there has been a change in leadership, strategy, or operations that could impact your working relationship now or in the future.

Monitor Entire Groups of Companies

You may follow your client’s activities in the news but how about their subsidiaries, sister-companies, or parents? Crucial changes in other areas of a corporate structure can send shockwaves across a group.


Zint Grow tracks vital risks and opportunities across entire group structures so you’ll never be blindsided.

Collaborate With Your Team

Keeping abreast of changes across a large portfolio of accounts can be hard work. Especially, when other work takes away our attention.


Zint Grow enables users to track activities across the entire team’s accounts so everyone can stay accountable and no opportunity or risk is missed.

Generate More Referrals

Our Cross-Sell tool identifies the companies closely connected to your existing clients either via a shared directorship or via company group structure. This enables Account Managers and Sales Reps to find back doors into great new companies.


  • Search in Bulk: Users can upload their entire client list and deliver a complete set of connected companies in one click.
  • Rank by Propensity: Connected companies can be filtered and ranked by propensity to buy, leaving a highly targeted list of proactive referral opportunities.

Engaging the Right Companies at the Right Time

“We have won some fantastic new clients sourced directly from Zint, equating to a 20X ROI in the platform already.”  –  Head of Sales

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