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Moving Upstream

Hyper-Curated News Feed

According to research by CEB, buyers are up to 70% of the way through the buying process before engaging any sales reps. This often means that our best efforts are wasted as the competitor who helped build the client’s understanding of their problem, has most likely shaped the ideal solution in their favour. This may shed light on the research by Forbes that suggests 30-50% of purchase decisions are awarded to the vendor that engages first. 


Zint now offers teams a first-mover advantage against the competition. Our Zint Grow platform combines our unrivalled UK company and annual report data with AI to deliver a hyper-curated feed of strategic insights and indicative changes within target accounts that are likely to create the challenges your business is most uniquely positioned to solve.

Competitive Insight

AI Accounts Analysis

The Annual Report is one of the most powerful insights into the inner workings of an organisation. Understanding a company’s goals, structure, key personnel, risks and go-to-market strategy is one of the most effective ways of crafting a compelling pitch that will impress the C-Suite. Annual Reports are however, long and highly detailed which means that few sales reps invest the time to find the treasures within.


Zint provides users with unparalleled insight into these accounts using AI to summarise and categorise the salient points relevant to your company. Users are presented with an AI Summary on the day the Reports are released to ensure your team have a head-start on the competition.

First Mover Advantage

Email Notifications

Sales reps often monitor prospects across an array of disparate sources from Google Alerts to LinkedIn notifications. These can create an overwhelming stream of news items that can be challenging to manage and often gets overlooked. Zint Grow’s hyper-curated feed is ranked by relevance and urgency. Highlights are delivered directly to your inbox on a daily basis so you’ll never miss out on a game changing opportunity.


Engaging the Right Companies at the Right Time

“We have won some fantastic new clients sourced directly from Zint, equating to a 20X ROI in the platform already.”  –  Head of Sales