Who We Are Learn more about who the Zint team are, from where we started to where we are today and the great team that we have acquired throughout our journey.

Zint started with a conversation between me and Fraser around a kitchen table. We had a business idea, but where we got the inspiration for who we wanted to become came from Ernest Shackleton and his 1908 expedition to the South Pole. When he and his team got stranded when their ship, Endurance, became trapped and crushed by pack ice , he successfully guided his team to succeed against all odds. 


And that’s how we steer Zint: putting our team first, leading by example and finding success in the process of growing stronger.

Our Story



First Line of Code Written


First Paying Client


Made Our First Hire


Moved into First Office


Our London Office Opens


The Team Hits 5 Employees


Customer Success is Born


The Marketing Team is Formed


The Sheffield Office Opens

Who We've Helped





Our Ethics

We could bore you with the semantics of why we’re called Zint (it’s loosely translated from Dutch to English as ‘plan’) but we’re more interested in you learning about us as a collective. At Zint, we’re built differently. While we excel in different areas, we come together to grow –  literally – from the ground up. 


The building blocks of our foundation have risen from a need to grow upward and outward in the most ethical, privacy-conscious way – we don’t chase growth at all costs. Our platform is designed to help grow your existing accounts and shape your business transformation for building new ones sustainably, powerfully and fully GDPR compliant.  But it would mean nothing if we don’t stand by what we preach. That’s why we don’t use any unnecessary cookies, biscuits, or whatever you want to call them. 


Built by sales people, designed for sales teams.

Data Driven

People Centric

Striving for growth