Finding Room to Manoeuvre

Within B2B sales, whitespace mapping enables organisations to identify new market opportunities that may be out of sight. Our combination of deep sector data, analytical tools and professional services provides clients with everything they need to build a robust strategy for future growth.

The Four-Dimensional Customer

B2B organisations have traditionally built Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to reflect the broadest level of need in relation to the products and services they offer. However as marketers have become smarter about how they utilise big data, these high level ICPs often fail to deliver the granularity and timeliness required to compete effectively.

Winning organisations create dynamic, multi-dimensional ICPs built around the markets that their individual products and services cater to now and in the future.


Discovering Untapped Markets

“We have found an incredible amount of new and exciting clients to speak to” – Bruno, Associate Manager

Established consulting firm uncovers vast untapped market through Propensity Modelling workshops.