Leaving No Stone Unturned

As sales teams grow, it becomes harder to monitor which businesses have been researched or engaged with. Our collaborative worksheets offer a real-time and shared view of the teams’ prospecting progress, enabling you to systematically move through your addressable market.

Future-Proof Prospecting

CRMs at best are optimised to manage the sales process; at worst, optimised to manage the sales team. CRMs are seldom built to support the high volume and high friction world of prospecting.

Minimum data entry requirements result in users taking shortcuts or compiling lists in spreadsheets which, as employees leave, creates duplicated effort or the risk of vital insights ending up in the hands of competitors.

Winning organisations build systems and processes to ensure any insights gleaned from the day-to-day activities of their team stay within the business. 


Using Collaborative Worksheets to Streamline Prospecting

“Zint has allowed us to take a systematic approach to prospecting… and ensure that discovery work is never done twice”  –  Sales Manager