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Use our unrivalled company data and propensity modelling tools to find the right openings for your candidates every time and become the recruiter of choice.
Propensity Modelling

Optimise Your Best Candidates

  • Great candidates are your key asset! Use Zint to ensure you’re identifying every single relevant opening in the UK that matches their key criteria.


  • Identify every business hiring within your candidate’s geographical radius that fits their key criteria for a new employer and who is hiring for their skill set.


  • Skill matching is half the job. Our platform will identify the companies hiring that are in keeping with your candidates needs.


  • Zint enables you to optimise your passive candidates who are more selective. If you could tell them you’ll only market their CV to businesses that match their key requirements, you’re more likely to be their recruiter of choice!
Market Analysis

Specialise Within Your Key Verticals

  • Zint’s CRM capabilities helps teams to segment their specific markets and ‘claim’ speculative clients and job requirements without clogging up the existing CRM with unqualified leads.


  • Our granular UK data helps consultants to carry out the most insightful and targeted business development activities possible. Our hiring data offers recruiters the chance to identify the most lucrative opportunities along with rich context to create the most tailored and compelling openers.


  • Stay ahead of the competition. Log in daily to identify the brand new key industry changes, news, directorship changes, hiring trends and optimal opportunities within your markets.

5X Your Close Rate With Our Cross-Sell Tool

Research suggests that opportunities sourced through referrals close at 3-5X the average. With recruitment notoriously high rejection rate, this makes client-referrals even more valuable. 


Our cross-sell tool allows you to analyse any current or past clients to generate a list of companies linked through common directorships or group structures, helping you to leverage your existing customer relationships for trusted introductions. 


UK Global Increase Lead Conversion by 300%

“Historically we were lucky to book 1 in 10 on initial engagement but with the Zint data we are up to 1 in 3” –  Associate Director