Propensity Modelling

Propensity Modelling is a scientific approach to predicting the behaviour of a subject. When applied to Sales and Marketing, propensity modelling can have a dramatic impact on the growth of a business.
The Opportunity

A lever for revenue growth

Done well, propensity modelling leads to more effective teams, greater conversion rates and ultimately, loyal clients that will help you scale.

The challenge, is that without the right tools, they can be hard to build and even harder to implement, meaning that many propensity modelling initiatives are unnecessarily shelved at the 11th hour…

The Solution

Propensity Modelling Simplified

Zint is a technology business, harnessing deep insight on UK companies from a wide range of sources, to enable sales teams to identify, win and grow only the best customers.

Our propensity modelling system enables stakeholders from across the business to use the billions of real-time data points within our platform to map the DNA of their ideal customer.


Product Features

Ranking Top Opportunities

This provides an insight driven score next to any of the 4.8 million active UK companies, enabling sales & marketing teams to prioritise their outbound activities on the prospects most likely to develop into loyal customers.

Product Features

Elevating the Conversation

But a score is only part of the picture… Our models enrich each prospect with a wealth of relevant insight to ensure the user has everything they need to compete at their best level.


Driving Sales Effectiveness

“Working with Zint at P2P, a FedEx company, we have been able to completely streamline our process flow which removes manual effort and empowers our sales team” – Head of Sales Development