Frequently Asked Questions Find answers to common questions about partnering with us.
Discover the benefits of referrals, the process, and the support available to you.

For each qualified referral, you’ll get £XX.

For a qualified referral that converts to a closed deal, you’ll receive X% of the total deal value.

A qualified referral is one that meets all listed requirements on our ‘qualified referral acceptance form’

You will not need to manage your referrals; you will have a dedicated partnerships manager who does this for you.

You will be paid for all qualified referrals on a monthly basis.

We also incentivise our partners by sharing a commission on every referral that turns into a paying customer. This will be paid to partners a month in arrears of a deal being closed and Zint being paid.

You and your team will be inducted into our market leading, onboarding and training program to ensure they are well equipped to discuss and introduce Zint’s services. As well as this, you will have training videos, webinars and bi-weekly check ins with your partnerships manager available to you.

Once onboarded as a Zint partner you will receive a full archive of any and all marketing materials required to generate interest with your prospects and clients.

Zint is a sales intelligence platform that is used by commercial teams throughout the UK to identify the top opportunities available to them within their respective markets. As well as that our targeted insight will allow sales teams to identify specific pains their prospects are experiencing in relation to their solutions and even provide them with the ability to gain first mover advantage vs their competition. Our platform is solving pains for sales leaders across the UK. If you and your team are selling to sales leaders who want to smash their growth targets, Zint will be a relevant solution for them!

No. Once referred to us, your referee is in safe hands with our fantastic sales team. You will be able to track the progress of all referrals via your partnerships manager without having to carry out any direct selling yourself.

Any referee we are put in touch with through a Zint partner will gain access to extended free trial periods, free industry insights and access to Zint tools for a limited time.

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