GET STARTED Invoice Finance Zint provides sales teams with in-depth profiling and analysis of every UK company, along with every "charge" or debenture filed by that company. Quickly and easily identify businesses already using invoice finance services and prioritise those with charges up for renewal!
Use Case

Find Qualified Invoice Finance Leads

In the current climate, finding & acquiring new customers requires a deep understanding of the market, competition, and customer needs, as well as developing effective marketing and sales strategies to attract new clients.


Zint enables users to search for companies by deep-level financial insights including their past borrowing habits. Find ‘happy borrowers’ through recent charges such as loans registered, to who and when.

Use Case

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Invoice Financing is more competitive than ever before with many companies offering similar services. Leading sales teams find ways to differentiate their company and services from the competition.


Zint enables users to search for companies based on the provider of the charge along with the date that the charge was created. This enables sales teams to offer well-timed preferential rates to companies already using invoice financing services at and around their renewal date.

Use Case

Prioritising the Best Opportunities

This is however, only a small piece of the puzzle when looking to identify your best opportunities. To get the whole picture, you need real-time insight on the business model, goals and challenges, import/export activities, financial status and latest news. Better still, you’d know that all these boxes are ticked, before even opening the website… But even with a team of researchers, keeping on top of all this data, across millions of companies, would be next to impossible…


Zint can now do all of this for you, making prospecting a thing of the past. Our propensity modelling system maps the DNA of your ideal customer against billions of data points on UK companies, providing your team with a real-time list of the companies most in need of your services.


Driving Sales Effectiveness

“Working with Zint at P2P, a FedEx company, we have been able to completely streamline our process flow which removes manual effort and empowers our sales team” – Head of Sales Development