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Visualise your complete territory in real-time, understand any company's full risk profile at a glance and find a back door into your best opportunities.
Risk Matrix

Understand Any Company's Full Risk Profile at a Glance!

Zint’s revolutionary Propensity Modelling system analyses billions of data points on UK companies to predict the likelihood of their exposure to any type of risk imaginable.


This is presented in an interactive display offering users the ability to easily pivot between key risks and deep-dive into any insight at the click of a button to research the source of the data.


Easily find the companies with the perfect blend of risks, offering the greatest returns for your brokerage.

Cross-Sell Tool

Find The Back Door

Referral-generated leads typically close at 3-4X the rate of non-referrals. However, generating referrals, especially those into ideal companies can be tough, which is why so few sales reps do it.


Our cross-sell tool automatically analyses every client in your portfolio, identifies the organisations they have significant control over and then ranks the resulting prospects by their propensity to need your services.


The result is hyper-targeted list of hidden leads into your perfect future clients!

Propensity Modelling

Target Your Perfect Customers

To get the whole picture, you need real-time insight on the business activities, services, goals, challenges, financials and news. Better still, you’d know that these boxes are ticked, before diving any deeper.


But even with a team of researchers, keeping on top of all this data, across millions of companies, would be next to impossible…


Zint can now do all of this for you, making prospecting a thing of the past. Our propensity modelling system maps the DNA of every UK company against billions of data points, providing your team with a real-time list of the best opportunities, along with the perfect recipe for building a winning pitch.


Always Have First-Mover Advantage

Staying ahead of changes that affect your clients can make the difference between upsell and churn. This can be hard to keep on top of especially when managing a large portfolio of customers.


Our new alerts-system provides a perfectly curated news feed of risks and opportunities affecting clients in real-time ensuring our users always have first-mover advantage!


UK Global Increase Lead Conversion by 300%

“Historically we were lucky to book 1 in 10 on initial engagement but with the Zint data we are up to 1 in 3” –  Associate Director