GET STARTED Government Contracts Find your next big opportunity within the Public Sector... Zint can find and analyze government contracts won by companies similar to yours.
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Find Upcoming Contract Opportunities Easily

With our platform, you can easily identify upcoming contract opportunities by filtering by contract value, start date, and keywords in the context and description.


This can give you a strategic advantage by allowing you to reach out to key government contacts before the tender process begins.

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Analyze Contract Data

Our platform allows you to analyze contract data to gain insights and make informed decisions. You can view information such as contract duration, pricing, and more to help you understand the competitive landscape.


Zint saves you time and money by streamlining the contract research process. You no longer have to spend hours manually searching for contracts and analyzing data. Our platform does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Use Case

Prioritising the Best Opportunities

This is however, only a small piece of the puzzle when looking to identify your best opportunities. To get the whole picture, you need real-time insight on the business model, goals and challenges, import/export activities, financial status and latest news. Better still, you’d know that all these boxes are ticked, before even opening the website… But even with a team of researchers, keeping on top of all this data, across millions of companies, would be next to impossible…


Zint can now do all of this for you, making prospecting a thing of the past. Our propensity modelling system maps the DNA of your ideal customer against billions of data points on UK companies, providing your team with a real-time list of the companies most in need of your services.


Driving Sales Effectiveness

“Working with Zint at P2P, a FedEx company, we have been able to completely streamline our process flow which removes manual effort and empowers our sales team” – Head of Sales Development