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Finding companies with a need for FX services used to be a slow and painful process, but not anymore. Zint analyses billions of hidden data points to surface UK companies with an FX requirement, right now.
FX Terminology

Surfacing FX requirements

Looking for companies specifically using forward contracts? Until very recently, this involved a lot of guesswork or reading through endless annual reports at Companies House. Zint is the only platform to fully digitise every annual report at Companies House, allowing our customers to search key terms like ‘forward contract’ or ‘currency risk’ just like Google.

FX Propensity Modelling

Prioritising the Hottest Opportunities

This is however, only a small piece of the puzzle when looking to identify great FX opportunities. To get the whole picture, you need real-time insight on the business model, goals and challenges, import/export activities, financial status and latest news. Better still, you’d know that these boxes are ticked, before diving any deeper. But even with a team of researchers, keeping on top of all this data, across millions of companies, would be next to impossible…


Zint can now do all of this for you, making prospecting a thing of the past. Our propensity modelling system maps the DNA of your ideal customer against billions of data points on UK companies, providing your team with a real-time list of the best opportunities, along with the recipe for building a winning pitch.


Using Collaborative Worksheets to Streamline Prospecting

“Zint has allowed us to take a systematic approach to prospecting… and ensure that discovery work is never done twice”  –  Sales Manager