Elevating the Conversation

Selling through the C-Suite can be a powerful growth strategy but requires careful research and messaging built around timely and relevant insight. Our strategic company insights and collaborative tools help sales teams to engage decision makers effectively and at scale.

The Time-Poor Executive

With organisational structures becoming flatter and more transparent, executives are required to liaise with a higher number of stakeholders than ever before. This new working environment requires more delegation, which in turn makes it challenging for sellers to keep an executive engaged in the sales process without being passed downward.

Winning B2B sales teams sustain decision maker engagement by re-framing their messaging to speak to at least one of the 6 strategic imperatives relevant to every C-Suite executive:

  1. How can we increase revenue?
  2. How can we reduce costs?
  3. How can we improve market share?
  4. How can we increase speed to market?
  5. How can we improve customer retention?
  6. How can we mitigate risks?

Improving Customer Conversations

“As a team we use this data to strengthen our sales proposition to ecommerce customers”
Head of Sales Development

Zint has helped P2P, A FedEx Company, completely streamline their process flow removing manual effort and empowering their sales team.