Put Your Data to Work

Legacy CRM data is often inaccurate and incomplete which inevitably leads to lost opportunities. Zint enables clients to identify the actual company behind each record in your CRM and append these with the most up to date data and insights.

Fuelling Artificial Intelligence

As sales teams rely more on AI driven technologies to gain competitive advantage, data integrity will be central to ensuring those systems deliver their intended results. Winning organisations strive to drive data integrity through:

  • Validity. Does the data conform to defined business rules or constraints?
  • Accuracy. Is the data a true reflection of what is being measured?
  • Completeness. Is the data complete or are there missing elements?
  • Consistency. Is the data consistent across multiple data sets?
  • Uniformity. Is the data aligned to the same units of measure?

Appending and Refreshing Market Data

“The Market Insights Report has been a key element in our success and continues to be our go-to source for research of our current TAM and exploring new audiences” Andrea – Demand Generation

Zint’s data enrichment services have enabled the UK’s fastest growing PropTech company to identify new opportunities for growth, previously out of scope.