What’s better: quantity or quality? We all see that a balance of both makes the perfect formula for a great deal. How we measure a ‘great deal’ isn’t just on the quantity but of the projected longevity of the customer. There’s the potential for upsell and cross sell, how well your solution fits their challenges and how close they are to your ideal customer profile. 


Salespeople who always manage to close bigger and better deals than everyone else aren’t just great salespeople, they use specialist tools to help them maximise their impact in those first initial discovery calls.


The Secret to Surfacing your Biggest Opportunities


Two words: sales intelligence. There are things you need to know on top of using great sales intelligence tools to bring you closer to your biggest deals, so let’s put this all together to demonstrate how you can strengthen your deal size opportunities even more

  • Build trust with your prospects

Putting your trust in someone means that you believe they have the best intentions. And how can you ensure your customers see you this way? Research, research, research. Building trust starts with identifying where your prospects need support to combat their challenges. Have resources on-hand for any information they need to make a decision, and ensure you’re being open and transparent.

  • Know your ideal customer profile inside and out

When you’re scouting out opportunities, who your ideal customer should be at the top of your mind. It definitely can be easily said, but to ensure you’re tailoring every sales activity around this concept, consider propensity modelling. Putting your ideal customer profile into a tool that then ranks prospective companies based on this profile is exactly what Zint is here to do. We connect you to every UK company listed on Companies House, which you can filter to show different variations of the sort of customers you think have a high intent to buy.

  • Make marketing work with you, not for you 


The key to growing your biggest opportunities lies in your communication with marketing. Collaborate with marketing to establish how you’re going to grow your leads together by regularly meeting and sharing business and sales objectives. This’ll keep you in the loop on what resources are there to support you and which ones are on the horizon. In turn, work with marketing to feed information from the sales front into resource creation that’ll help you strengthen your pitch. 


  • Work with qualified sales leads


Sales teams working on unqualified leads waste time and resources, having conversations with companies that just aren’t going to convert. You can mitigate against this – and surface those big opportunities – with highly lucrative leads that have already been qualified before you get to them. As a sales person, you’re at your best when you have a wide understanding of your target audience, and have information at your fingertips that’s relevant to every sales conversation you’re having. Sales intelligence tools like the Zint platform not only provide qualified sales leads (tailored to your ideal customer profile) but the information to support that qualification. 


The secret to surfacing your biggest opportunities is using your sales skill set alongside tools to generate qualified leads and to deliver you the insight to bolster your conversations. Click here to learn more about the use cases that bring our customers more ROI than ever. 



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