I’m Fraser – our CTO & Co-Founder. Josh and I started Zint around my kitchen table back in 2018. My previous experience company-building through Y Combinator continues to be invaluable. I trail run and hike around the UK when not reviewing pull requests!

Hi, I’m Will Murtagh, an Account Director and Zint. I’d like to think I”m a pretty outgoing and approachable person with a distinctly average but nonetheless enthusiastic sense of humour. I have a consultative approach to everything I do and real passion for working with people to achieve collective goals.

Hi, I’m Matas, Customer Success Associate at Zint. I am a very approachable and curious individual with a passion for problem solving. I always strive to be the thought leader in tackling challenges. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling the world and staying as fit as possible.

Matthew is Zint’s first engineering hire and has over a decade of experience in the software industry, ranging from early-stage startups to unicorn scale-ups such as Monzo. When not in the office, he enjoys live music and hiking in the UK and abroad.

I’m Dominic Turner. As a Senior SDR I help bridge that gap and get the news of Zint out there. Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit, socialising with friends and playing/watching a number of different sports. Every other week you’ll find me at Elland Road watching Leeds United’s repeat attempt to survive the premier […]