I’m Fraser – our CTO & Co-Founder. Josh and I started Zint around my kitchen table back in 2018. My previous experience company-building through Y Combinator continues to be invaluable. I trail run and hike around the UK when not reviewing pull requests!

Hi, I’m Will Murtagh, an Account Director and Zint. I’d like to think I”m a pretty outgoing and approachable person with a distinctly average but nonetheless enthusiastic sense of humour. I have a consultative approach to everything I do and real passion for working with people to achieve collective goals.

Hi, I’m Matas, Customer Success Associate at Zint. I am a very approachable and curious individual with a passion for problem solving. I always strive to be the thought leader in tackling challenges. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling the world and staying as fit as possible.

Hey, I’m Armelle. As the Marketing Manager for Zint I have creative control over how we reach people through social media, the website and email. I love writing, binging netflix, and I’m one of the only people on the globe to actually enjoy spin class at the gym.

Matthew is Zint’s first engineering hire and has over a decade of experience in the software industry, ranging from early-stage startups to unicorn scale-ups such as Monzo. When not in the office, he enjoys live music and hiking in the UK and abroad.

As a Senior SDR I help bridge that gap and get the news of Zint out there. Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit, socialising with friends and playing/watching a number of different sports. Every other week you’ll find me at Elland Road watching Leeds United’s repeat attempt to survive the premier league.

I’m Mariam Ouni, a Senior SDR at Zint. I enjoy gaming, and sports like swimming and football. Love to read and I have a big interest in nutrition.