Case Study: Leyton Finding high propensity companies for Leyton by scanning for targeted keywords on company pages

Established consulting firm uncovers vast untapped market through Propensity Modelling workshops…

About Our Work With FedEx


We as a company have found prospecting for new and exciting leads more and more challenging. Zint came to us with a solution; the idea of a ‘propensity model’ that would scan through UK companies, picking out specific keywords and phrases that we need, mentioned on websites and within their accounts.


We built these models based on 3 main industries that we look to target. As a company, we crowd-sourced the key words and phrases that we look for on a daily basis, and Zint put them together to create these prospecting models. As a result, we have found an incredible amount of new and exciting clients to speak to; companies that we previously had been unable to find using more traditional prospecting methods. This has been particularly noticeable in the Software market.


We have therefore seen a rise in conversations with companies who have never heard of our innovation funding incentives. This would suggest that other companies selling similar services to ours have been unable to target these newly found clients, putting us ahead of them in the market.


Bruno Broughton – Associate Manager