Research shows that the most profitable companies focus on their existing customers - the sales process definitely shouldn’t end with the first contract signed or the first invoice sent over, and the importance of liaising with account management to take it further.    The secret to cross-selling is simple: demonstrate value at the right time. [...]
Sales reps have to juggle their time between finding new business, ringing prospect lists and discovering new opportunities for existing customers. Sales Directors want to ensure that all barriers to efficient selling are removed for their sales teams, and it’s important to highlight one sales misnomer: your Total Addressable Marketing (or TAM for short). This [...]
What is Direct Marketing?   Direct Mail Marketing is a strategy that takes the form of a physical, highly personalised piece of content delivered to your customers, prospects or new business. In the age of digital marketing, it can be a creative and unique way to engage your target audience. Once the practical means of [...]
Smarter prospecting is multifaceted. Sales reps have to put on multiple hats: research, being on the phones, conducting demos and working on putting strategy into action. In fact, 42% of sales reps have reported that prospecting is the most challenging part of their job. So it really should be no surprise that 81.6% of top [...]
It’s a Monday morning - the sweat on your brow’s building and the coffee in your cup is disappearing at an alarming rate.    The culprit?    That marketing email. The dreaded email you promised to send out to your email list at 9:01 that very morning is meant to be highly personalised. The only [...]
Congratulations! You've passed the first hurdle - you’ve got the Business Development Manager (BDM) job! It’s the step up you’ve been craving, but this isn’t quite where it all ends though. The first few months on the job are the most critical, so making a good impression now you’re in the driving seat is something [...]
Smarter marketing doesn’t just come from smarter ideas. It comes from having a well defined strategy, alignment with your sales team and an understanding of your customers. And smarter prospecting comes from all of this - better understanding leads to better marketing, which leads to higher conversion rates, and ultimately making you smarter at prospecting.  [...]
Not all Opportunities are Equal   Focusing on the right companies at the right time is the best way to generate more business results for you - whether that’s more revenue, greater margins, industry prowess, or simply better customer satisfaction.    But to make sure you’re putting all your eggs in the right prospect’s basket, [...]