Smarter marketing doesn’t just come from smarter ideas. It comes from having a well defined strategy, alignment with your sales team and an understanding of your customers. And smarter prospecting comes from all of this - better understanding leads to better marketing, which leads to higher conversion rates, and ultimately making you smarter at prospecting.  [...]
Not all Opportunities are Equal   Focusing on the right companies at the right time is the best way to generate more business results for you - whether that’s more revenue, greater margins, industry prowess, or simply better customer satisfaction.    But to make sure you’re putting all your eggs in the right prospect’s basket, [...]
Trip Planning. Now that’s a thing we as salespeople have lost track of in recent years.  Physical journeys became virtual meetings, and handshakes became fist bumps, waves on a screen or just a simple head nod.  It’s great to be back in field sales and jumping in headfirst to live meetings. And to network as [...]
Do you think generating referrals seems like the ultimate sales hack? It takes more than just asking your customers to refer you to a friend. While it’s true that referrals are coming in warmer because of the affiliation and they already carry a vote of confidence in your brand, you need to find incentives for [...]
What is a Data-driven Sales Organisation?   ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’ (Peter Drucker)... seems extremely fitting for why you should be using a data-driven approach to your sales organisation.    A data-driven sales strategy is a method of collecting and measuring data on all interactions with prospects and existing customers to improve [...]