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AI Analysis

Understanding Your Business

To identify the undiagnosed challenges that your business is uniquely positioned to help with, Zint AI must first understand the nature and context of the solutions you offer.


Zint AI will analyse your website to identify the products and services on offer. This is then compared against other companies offering similar solutions and the associated challenges are mapped out.


Zint AI will then enrich this with user-driven insights derived from propensity models.

AI Analysis

Understanding Your Prospect

Zint holds a wealth of insights on every company in the UK derived from a range of authoritative datasets such as company websites, news sites, job boards and official government sources.


Our Account Search tool and professional services team digitise every annual report held at Companies House. This is automatically summarised and categorised by our AI Account Analysis tool so that users can understand a prospects most relevant strategic initiatives, at a glance.

AI Analysis

Finding the Killer Pitch

In one click, Zint AI will analyse the vast array of data we hold on any company through the lens of your products and services to surface the most relevant challenges a target company may be facing, that your business is most uniquely positioned to support with.


This is generated in real-time and presented as a list providing you with a selection of options to build or strengthen your pitch. You can also choose to dive deeper into each option using our suite of analysis tools.



Engaging the Right Companies at the Right Time

“We have won some fantastic new clients sourced directly from Zint, equating to a 20X ROI in the platform already.”  –  Head of Sales